Film: A person is more important than anything

02/07/2018, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art | Free. map


A person is more important than anything else…, is driven by the cadence and intonation of James Baldwin’s voice, for Baldwin was also an orator whose delivery was almost as forceful as his ideas.

Artist Hank Willis Thomas weaves various audio, images, and video together including news clips, speeches, and interviews, in a fluid-moving, digital stream of consciousness that connects Baldwin’s 20th century discourse with the concerns and urgencies of the 21st, highlighting issues of race, gender, class and sexuality.

Commissioned in 2014 by NY Live Arts for the Year of James Baldwin, this multi-channel installation brings history to the fore, inspiring us to re-imagine our relationship to the contemporary moment.

Hank Willis Thomas | USA | 2014 |  29 minutes