"Canaletto - Reimagined in Minecraft"

This is where you can download Canaletto—Reimagined in Minecraft, which according to at least one Brooks’ visitor has “out-Smithsonianed the Smithsonian!” 

Inspired by the creativity and innovation of The Art of Video Games, the Brooks partnered with Voxelbox—a company which specializes in generating digital worlds—to craft a Minecraft map based on The Grand Canal from the Campo San Vio by Canaletto. 

We've chosen this work not only because of its importance and beauty, but because of the potential it offers as a portal to explore and learn about 18th century Venice.   

"Canaletto—Reimagined in Minecraft" is a completely playable map, allowing you to explore this digital recreation of the city on foot or via gondola. It also gives you the chance to interact with a variety of historical figures. These range from George Proctor, the Englishman who commissioned our painting, to the famed Venetian composer, Antonio Vivaldi. 

Watch a video of "Canaletto—Reimagined in Minecraft" on YouTube:

Download the files for Canaletto—Reimagined in Minecraft

You are welcome to download the map and play it at home.

You must have Minecraft on your computer to view this special map. Click here to purchase Minecraft. Click here to download a zip file that contains the instructions and the Minecraft map files. 

Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto Italian,1697-1768)
The Grand Canal from the Campo San Vio, 1730-1735
Oil on canvas
Gift of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation 61.216

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