Brooks Outside: Intrude

January 18 - January 29, 2017

Exhibition Overview


Intrude, one of the most highly acclaimed major public art installations in the world, is coming to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art in January 2017. The spectacle-sized work consists of five giant illuminated rabbits, the largest of which is over 23 feet tall. This imaginative and joyful piece was created by Australian artist Amanda Parer in 2014 and has since been seen on four continents, in over 50 cities by over a million people!

On view at the Brooks, from 10 am to 8 pm, January 18 – 29, Intrude explores the natural world, its fragility, and our role within it. Rabbits in Parer’s native Australia are out of control pests, leaving a trail of ecological destruction wherever they go and defying attempts at eradication. First introduced by white settlers in 1788 they have caused a great imbalance to the country’s endemic species.

The rabbit also is an animal of contradiction. It represents the fairytale animal from our childhood—a furry innocence, frolicking through idyllic fields. Intrude deliberately evokes this image, and a strong visual humor, to lure you into the artwork only to reveal the more serious environmental messages behind it. Click here to learn more about Intrude and the artist.

The Brooks will present programming to promote interaction between exhibition visitors. Planned programs include an Instagram contest and a film series that will provide both context and entry point, forging connections between fine art and popular media through films such as Harvey and Night of the Lepus.

Brooks Outside: Intrude Instagram Contest

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  • Must tag photo with #BrooksMuseumBunnies

Each daily winner will receive a Brooks Museum Family Membership and will be chosen each day of the exhibition based on creativity. Contest begins at 10 am, Wednesday, January 18 and ends at 8 pm, Sunday, January 29, 2017.

The daily winners will be announced at noon beginning Thursday, January 19 on the Brooks Museum’s social media channels.

Click here to read the full terms & conditions.

Exhibition Guidelines

Please be nice and treat them like real bunnies.

  • You are welcome to gently pet and hug the bunnies.

  • Please do not hit, jump, roll or crawl over or under the bunnies.

  • No food, drink or smoking near the bunnies.

  • No furry friends around the exhibition, please.

Photos © Amanda Parer Studios.

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Video © Amanda Parer Studios.