Sustainability at the Brooks is Measured in Food and Art

Sustainable. As the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art approaches its 100th birthday, I think that word is appropriate. While we reflect on what has made the Brooks last for a century, we also look cautiously to the future, assessing the factors that will not only help the museum survive for generations to come, but will make this world and this city the kind of place those generations can enjoy.

By now, we’ve all heard that word used in the food industry, including the Brushmark Restaurant.

It may qualify as a “buzzword,” but it is so much more. Defining what sustainability means to me in terms of food is complicated. It includes things like proper crop and livestock pasture rotation, growing foods that complement their environments, and using farming practices that won’t harm those environments. Farming in a way that is good for us to eat and good for the Earth is complex. Doing it a way that is economical is even more daunting.

It is natural and responsible to want to associate our food, businesses, and lifestyles with a word that implies “forever.” At the Brooks and the Brushmark, we are constantly evaluating the impact our footprint has on the Earth and learning new ways to make that footprint smaller – through biodegradable takeout boxes, induction stovetops, reduced linens to launder, local produce, etc. We learn from the local community and are grateful for the support and insight of local advocates like recent E-Cheivement Award recipient, Margot McNeely, and Project Green Fork. We are proud to be Project Green Fork certified and embrace their vision of a sustainable Mid-South. We hope that the steps we take now – both small and large – will mean a better future for generations to come.

This blog is written by Andrew Adams Chef de Cuisine for the Brooks.

Posted by Andria Lisle at 8:00 AM
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