Meghan Wilcox: Reflection of an Internship

Last semester my passion for the arts and desire to work within the field were strengthened tremendously. Looking back, I can honestly say that I owe a great deal of this heightened fervor to my time spent at the Brooks Museum. During my internship I learned a lot about the inner-workings of museums, their relationships with other institutions, and the public in general. This experience has opened my eyes to a side of the “non-profit” sector which I had not seen before. As a result of this internship combined with previous internships at UrbanArt Commission and ArtsMemphis, I feel I now have a well-rounded view of the innovation and commitment it takes to succeed in this field. It is amazing to see just how much these people really do for the arts and their communities. I was in awe by all the activity I witnessed at the Brooks.

Whether it was the creative and inspiring exhibitions curated by Marina Pacini or Stanton Thomas, the meticulous work of the preparators, Paul Tracy and Louis Giberson, or the heartfelt efforts of the registrar, the lovely Kip Peterson and Marilyn Masler, I know that all I saw was a joined and impassioned effort driven by each one’s love for the arts and for their museum. With all of that said, this is only a miniscule portion of all that goes on at the Brooks. So much goes into everything that is done! This level of devotion is what has truly inspired me to further my studies in Art History after Rhodes and to perhaps pursue a career that allows me to bring art to others in a similar way. I have really appreciated having the opportunity to get to know these people and their museum, and what really, I am proud to call “my” museum.

This blog was written by Meghan Wilcox Exhibitions Intern 2010. Meghan is currently in her senior year at Rhodes College.

Posted by Andria Lisle at 11:42 AM
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