Love, Transformation and Irons: Another Day at the Brooks!

Many things come to mind when I think about the Brooks around Valentines.  This year has been particularly significant for me being a newlywed.  Being married just shy of four months it is easy to say that love is in the air, especially at the Brooks with the Love tour going well, Willie Cole getting great reviews (esp. Art Daily yay!), and everyone getting ready for the wine season.

Speaking of Willie Cole, it was a pleasure to meet him and sit in on both his lecture and our very own Marina Pacini’s talk about Willie’s work. Both were very good and insightful.  As an artist I am always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to look at things.  Of particular importance to me lately has been thinking about Willie Cole’s notion of transformation.

Working on the exhibitions staff I get an up close and personal look at the art work.  The idea of transformation is not only a personal artistic topic of interest but a very universal one as well.  According to Encarta Online Dictionary, to transform (verb) something means, “change something dramatically” or “undergo total change.” Further the definition reads “to change…completely, especially…their appearance or usefulness,” or “to change completely for the better.” Isn’t that a nice notion, to change completely or have something’s usefulness improved.  Willie Cole does it with hair dryers and irons; I do it with galleries, and plywood.  But still this notion of transformation impresses upon me, maybe I have been reading our mission statement too much or maybe I have just been staring at too many irons…J

This blog is written by Louis Giberson Assistant Preparator at the Brooks.

Posted by Andria Lisle at 11:31 AM
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