Love at Second Sight then a Wedding at the Brooks!

Shanea and David first met in passing as students at the University of Memphis; however, it was not until years later before this couple had their first date. After finishing pharmacy school, Shanea moved to Indianapolis, while David remained in Memphis following law school to begin his practice. By chance, Shanea and David where both attending a birthday celebration in Memphis and it was truly “love at second sight.” David says “I was simply astonished by her poise, personality, style and undeniable beauty.” The two made an instant connection and in spite of the 500 mile distance between Indianapolis and Memphis they were virtually inseparable. After a brief courtship, David proposed and asked Shanea for her hand in marriage. Shanea says “…I emphatically said ‘yes’ knowing that I did not want another moment to pass without David in my life forever as my husband, and besides I could not resist his charm and smile.”

Both having sizeable family, friends and colleagues, all of which scatted throughout the country, Shanea and David knew that choosing the right venue and location would be critical to their wedding planning. Knowing that venue selection could conceivably be the most difficult part of the wedding planning process, they set clear parameters. The couple wanted a venue that: could accommodate a medium to large guest list without compromising a certain sense of intimacy or seclusion; provided the flexibility of having an outdoor wedding ceremony and indoor reception or vice versa; and had independent character and appeal with a combination of tradition and uniqueness. Without reservation, Shanea and David agreed that the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art provided an ideal venue for both their wedding ceremony and reception. Shanea says “the scenery was breathtaking and possibilities were seemingly endless.”

Throughout the entire planning, Shanea and David worked hand in hand with the Museum’s Director of Catering and Special Events, Stacy Wright. David says “…we were able to arrange private tastings, family tours, and attend a number of events at the Museum prior to our wedding. It was a full service experience.” During one of the couple’s tastings, David surprised Shanea and a few family members in attendance by having a saxophonist play a few of Shanea’s favorite songs. Shanea says “I was shocked when I first heard the music, then the music grew nearer…looking across the table I noticed that David could not contain his smile and I knew then that this romantic gesture was his doing.”

On the day of the wedding, the couple and their guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening, with an outdoor wedding ceremony, indoor cocktail hour, formal reception, live music, and ended the evening with dance and cheer underneath the stars and their custom decorated tent. David says “the staff was meticulous about every detail of our special day from coordinating the groom and bridal party arrival to the FIJI bottled water for our guests prior to the ceremony.” Shanea says “everything about the Brooks Museum exceeded my dreams and expectations.”

The couple honeymooned in Hawaii, on the Big Island, enjoying picturesque black, green and white sand beaches.

Posted by Andria Lisle at 4:48 AM
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