Life as a Brooks Intern by Joelle Pittman

I am a graduate student at the University of Memphis pursuing my Master’s degree in Journalism. I never thought I would be interning at 26, but after completely changing career paths and returning to school, I knew that interning would be the only way to gain first-hand experience in public relations.

 Interning at the Brooks has been a wonderful experience. Everyone has made me feel involved and I am able to utilize my skill set. This is certainly, and thankfully, not a “get-me-coffee” internship. I love working for the public relations manager, Andria Lisle, and am always kept busy with interesting projects. It is a wonderful way to incorporate what I am learning at school with the work place.

I have been coming to the Brooks my entire life as a museum-goer, but now as an adult, I have become a museum-supporter as well. This internship has made me value that position even more. The museum staff is passionate to make the museum an enjoyable and educational experience. I have a new appreciation for what the Brooks does for Memphis. It has always had prestige in the city, but now I understand why. The Brooks wants to reach everyone in the city, whether it be an elementary school, Alzheimer patient, or art student. The museum wants to have a positive impact on Memphis. And it does.

My internship is only for the spring, and I will be moving to Los Angeles in May to pursue entertainment PR, but I will always remain grateful for the experience here. I feel lucky that I am getting a peek behind the scenes of a place I have loved for so long.

Joy-Elizabeth "Joelle" Pittman
Public Relations Intern
Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

Posted by Andria Lisle at 11:04 AM
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