Learn how to use the new Brooks eMuseum

Anyone with internet access can now enjoy paintings, sculpture, and more from the 100-year-old Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, thanks to the Brooks eMuseum. The musuem’s online collection can be accessed from the homepage or by clicking on Collections. You can even create your own collection by saving your favorite works to a "MyCollection" folder.

Learn how you can explore the eMuseum by using different search techniques.

Collection - Sculpture

  • When you click on a thumbnail, eMuseum takes you to a collection page with more information about specific collections. You can browse page by page, or click on any record to view the full record.


  • You can search by artists two ways, by entering the artist's name into the search bar or by using the "Artists A - Z" function.

    • If you are looking for work by a specific artist or maker, you can click "Artist A-Z" on the menu to the right. Here you will find a listing of all the artists/makers in our collection. When you click on the name you will get all the records associated with that artist.

  • Another example of searching by artist is by entering an artist name, such as Carroll Cloar.

  • Type Carroll Cloar into the search bar & press enter.

  • A list of works by Cloar will show up.

    • Some works do not have images. The exhibition department updates the records daily.

  • The list can be viewed by image (view lightbox) or by list.

    • When you view by list, you can sort by title, date, or object number by clicking on the heading.

Keyword - Beale Street

  • Type Beale Street into the search bar & press enter.

  • A list of works with Beale Street contained in various fields will show up.

Test your skills! Come up with your own subject and use eMuseum to learn about what artworks are in our permanent collection.

Object number - 80.7

When you see a work in the galleries, notice the number at the end of the label. That is the object number.

  • Type 80.7 into the search bar & press enter.

  • The record for that work will show up.

    • Information will include the artist name, title, date, medium, credit line, copyright, and if the work is on view.

    • If there is not a copyright line, that image can be printed out and used for educational purposes.

  • Some works will have additional information.

    • If you see a magnifying glass symbol, the image can be enlarged to show greater detail.

    • Some records will have audio guide bars that you can click to listen. For instance the record for Tempest includes two audio files.

  • These listings can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Test your skills! Using the eMuseum search the following object numbers to learn more about the works:
2001.10 – Tennessee S Curve

97.2.1 – Elephant Society Mask

93.4 – Au pied de la falaise (At the Foot of the Cliff)

Advance Search

Use "Advance Search" on the menu to the right if you wish to search for artwork using more than one filter (or criteria) such as: paintings + 19th century.

  • You would choose:

    • Classification: is paintings

    • Begin date: greater than 1799

    • End date: less than 1900

  • Click on submit.

  • A list of records meeting your criteria will populate. You can then click on the thumbnails to view the individual record.


On the menu to the right is also a resource called "MyCollection." To sort and save a group of your favorite works, register your name and password and create MyCollection folders.

  • Once you are logged in, you will see a red "Add to MyCollection" button.

  • Any work you are viewing can be added to your folder by pressing this button.

Click here to download a printable pdf of these instructions.

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