Happy New Year from the Brooks: A Reflection of Inspiration

The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art always has so many great things going on each year! Every Light Festival or Creation Station inspires me to think outside of the box-I'm always so impressed with the creative ideas from our Education Department. Then, I look at all of the cool films we offer and they make me reflect on my own life. After watching weddings almost every weekend, I know so much more about flowers, plates and cake that I feel confident to throw my very own dinner party! Of course, walking through the galleries is an inspiration and calming enjoyment all on its own. Wine and Food events are just plain fun to watch come to fruition - from the graphic design of the series to all of the unique fundraising events, it's like watching someone raise a child!

All of this watching and learning has shown me that I can try new things, too! I just carved my very own block and made napkins for my parents for the holidays, which they adored. Now, I feel inspired to try even more and to make new things on my own! I hope that the Brooks inspires you as well this new year!

Posted by Andria Lisle at 10:45 AM
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