Go Jo Ann: Brooks Graphic Designer Creates a WEVL Pledge Shirt

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As I was sitting at home with my beaux staring off into our (his) record collection, he shouted "oh, check this out". You see, his employer plays WEVL all day, everyday and if you have a radio, you know that they are having their pledge drive right now. He has met and heard me talk about our new (not so new, now) Graphic Designer, Jo Ann Moss. She is in more than one club and has a great eye for the arts-sounds cool, doesn't she?

So, he shouts, "check this out!" I blink and turn to see what all the shouting is about, and he says, "look what Jo Ann made". I'm shocked that I didn't know about this, but apparantly I'm the only one, because the very next day (or like two days later), I see a man wearing her design!

I of course start talking to him about it, and proudly proclaim that I work with the designer and tell him all about the museum!

Thank you, Jo Ann for supporting the arts in so many ways!

Posted by Andria Lisle at 12:28 PM
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