Exhibitions: An Intern's Perspective;Part Two

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With the Gallery Management course, our principal assignment was to curate an art show at a location in Memphis. My classmate and I partnered up and, after months of preparation, put together Break Me Up; Build Me Down, an art show consisting of three young artists in a space on South Main. Having a limited budget for the show, we managed to find a space for free and spend our money mostly on hanging supplies and food/drinks for the event. Everything turned out surprisingly well: the work flowed together beautifully and we had a great crowd. It was really exciting to put together something so professional.

[caption id="attachment_1973" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The show ran for one night only (March 27th) on 546 S Main Street."][/caption]

My time at the Brooks Museum has been a truly wonderful and special experience as well. I am once again seeing the more professional and business side of the art world, but with inevitable eclectic and exciting energy that the art scene brings. My favorite aspect about interning at the Brooks has been the people. Everyone I have had interactions with has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and interesting. There is such a community among the employees there. I have also enjoyed my job of making “checklists” for prospective exhibitions in the museum – getting to research an artist and making a list of all his/her work and where the pieces are located.

[caption id="attachment_1933" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Students examining Joel Parsons’ modern piece, What Goes Around Comes Around – a nude self-portrait facing the wall and propped up on cowboy boots."][/caption]

My junior year has been a period of great reflection and many realizations for me. I have cemented the need for art in my life and career. I have witnessed the inner-workings of art institutions and the vast amount of time and energy that goes into art exhibitions. I have also enjoyed the social and dynamic aspects of this energetic world, such as going to gallery openings. While I am still uncertain what I will be doing post-college, I am really grateful to have had these experiences and be where I am now.

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