Doodling: Turns Out it May Be a Good Thing

Remember in high school when you were reprimanded for doodling in class? I definitely do. I recall getting in trouble often for this foul and my parents never thinking it was bad; probably to my then-teacher's frustration. In fact, my parents promoted doodling; they turned their offices into galleries adorned with my drawings, professing the future artist of their loins.

I'm not promoting misbehavior in any way, but as much as I rebelled against my creative being, it always crept back into my life. Either in the way of Manic Panic and weekly trips to Sally's, working at M.A.C Cosmetics, attending Saturday school at Memphis College of Art (followed by Taco Bell with my grandparents every time!!) and eventually majoring in Art History-the one class I dreaded taking as a freshman.

I find it strange that I didn't realize my wonderful fate until adulthood and that I fought it so hard - it was right in my face the entire time. Now I work in an amazing institution with other creatives like me where doodling is encouraged!

Posted by Andria Lisle at 1:55 PM
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