Brooks + Bikes = Happier, Healthier Memphis

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Everyday, All of the Time

The Brooks wants to send a virtual shout-out to all cyclists and pedestrians, especially those living in and visiting our great city, Memphis.

In support of this eco-savvy group, the Brooks offers $1-off coupons to anyone who rides their bike to the museum. This means you family rider, and you cyclocrunk enthusiast. We want and enourage you to go by bike. And this ain't new. We jumped on that train years ago.

In addition, we premiered the first ever Bicycle Film Festival in Memphis with the film screenings, block party, and after parties at Nocturnal and Murphy's. Even better, we're doing it all again this year! And it's going to be even bigger. For more information about getting involved with the BFF Memphis 2010 check back soon or email me at emily.greenberg(at)

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We know first hand how important it is to have a walkable, bikeable, and usable space for exercise and recreation. We're in Overton Park, and i think we all take for granted how lucky we are to work in such a beautiful environment constantly fluttered with people.

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I myself started riding my bike to work everyday from my apartment, which is about half a mile away. I soon realized that not only am I saving money and helping the planet, but it's like a free workout. It literally takes me less than 10 minutes on my commute and i don't even break a sweat (well a tiny one).

So, we welcome you to ride your bike-we'll even hold your helmet at Admissions while you enjoy all the Brooks has to offer.

For more information about how to get started riding or finding a group ride near you click here and here.

To learn more about bicyle safety and street safety classes click here.

To read more about bikes, click here.

Posted by Andria Lisle at 2:28 PM
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