A Brooks Perspective from a Memphis College of Art Intern

Blog written by Ashley Lulo, Fall 2015 Marketing Intern

The Brooks Museum is a really neat museum, especially for students and teachers at Memphis College of Art. Due to the Brooks proximity to Memphis College of Art, it is a great asset to our studies. For many of our art history courses, especially our freshman year art history courses, we are required to visit a museum and write about works in the time period we are working. The Brooks has many works from a large range of time periods that MCA students can utilize for our art history courses. 

Memphis College of Art utilizes the Brooks for more than just art history courses, it is also a great resource for artist research because students can come and see many works of an artist and learn much about the artist from the information of pieces and the audio tours.

Professors at MCA also utilize the Brooks for classes. Because the Brooks is so close to MCA many of the painting and drawing professors bring their classes to the Brooks to show them works and lecture about them right in the galleries. A nice perk gifted to MCA students and staff from the Brooks is free entry any day, which helps many students. 

The rotating galleries are a big help as well to the students and professor because, depending on what is being showed in the gallery, the professor can show students works that really can only be best appreciated in person and comment on details that can only be seen in person. Even the Art of Video Games exhibition was helpful and appreciated by MCA students, for majors such as, Animation, illustration, and Comics. The Art of Video Games exhibition went through a history of games and showed the level of detail of concept art, which both inspires and assists the students at MCA. 

Other rotating exhibitions help students in other majors, such as the Wood Engravings by Thomas Bewick, showing printmaking majors skills and techniques through examples.


Another example was the Dalí: Illustrating the Surreal exhibition, which helped many drawing, painting, and illustration majors with concepts and ideas as well as 3D artist, who could be inspired to make works from the 2-dimensional works.


The Brooks even housed MCA’s own Maritza Davila’s work in Ancestry and Identity: Prints by Maritza Davila, which she then used to help teach her printmaking classes what concept is and types of printmaking processes there are. The Brooks is an amazing asset that Memphis College of Art has and many student and professors at MCA take advantage of all the great things it has to offer.


Posted by Marketing Intern at 9:07 AM
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