A Great Moment at Work (For Real!)

When you work the front desk at any organization, you meet a lot of different people. Especially when that job is in the South. Folks love to chat in the South.

A couple came into the museum today and the husband joked that the woman would get the senior rate in a couple of weeks. Having just celebrated my birthday a few days ago, I knew she was a fellow Virgo, and went on to tell her that we had the best sign (i'm biased, but right). I asked her husband what his sign was, mainly because i'm nosy, and he replied, "Pisces".

As fate would have it, my boyfriend is a Pisces, too, which I immediately said loudly to their faces. And she was wearing a shirt that I almost bought myself when I was shopping with my Pisces boyfriend. She explained to me that it was a great love match and a perfect marriage match which only solidified what I already knew.

So, thank you nice couple for making working at the Brooks even cooler (which is hard-I mean we get to wear jeans on Mondays and Tuesdays).

Posted by Andria Lisle at 10:53 AM
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