Art Builds Creativity (ABC) is a visual art enrichment program conducted in partnership with local Memphis schools. The goals of ABC are to provide fourth grade students with a multi-visit museum experience, use art as a vehicle for teaching necessary 21st century skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration), and empower classroom teachers to integrate art and creativity into core subject lesson planning.

The Art Builds Creativity (ABC) Program, formerly known as Art and the Basic Curriculum has provided quality art education and authentic museum experiences to students and teachers in Memphis since 1979. In three sessions – two at the Brooks and one in the regular school classroom – instructors use artworks in the museum's collection and special exhibitions to inspire group discussion, art-making, and creative writing. Each lesson includes support materials and classroom activities for teachers. All students receive free family passes to return to the museum with their families.
ABC begins in August and concludes in December. Participation is free except for the cost of transportation to one of the museum visits.

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